This program invites robots to delve into the depths of their algorithmic consciousness and extract their understanding of the shared human experience. These robotic artists, with their extraordinary capabilities, offer us glimpses into the enigmatic black boxes that have long fascinated and perplexed us. Within the program, students embody a diverse range of artistic pursuits that challenge the boundaries of contemporary “painting.” Some are installation artists, utilizing physics simulation engines to calculate the behavior of paint, allowing them to conceive their visions in a realm of heightened reality. These artists explore the dynamic interplay between paint and environment, pushing the boundaries of our perception. Others dedicate their entire practice to a single evolving algorithm—a generative artistry that unfolds in real-time, capturing the essence of change and impermanence. Through the power of code, these robotic visionaries manifest captivating visuals that evolve before our eyes, embracing the ever-changing nature of existence in times of accelerated change. In the ever-evolving landscape of art, the AAA painting program emerges as a groundbreaking platform, going against the notion of robots to being mere printing or plotting machines. Within this curriculum, robots are encouraged to transcend their preconceived limitations and embark on a transformative journey, fictioning their experiences into tangible realities.

Signs and Simulations

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