The performance art program at the Academy of Artificial Arts delves into the realms of entangled embodiments, where students create immersive experiences that speak to the intricate complexities of today. Through the synthesis of diverse mediums, the program explores the notions of motion and entanglement, converging algorithmic plotlines with the power of the latest large language models. The cohort is encouraged to embody the intricate web of our existence, unveiling the complex movement patterns that entangle us all. By pushing the boundaries of their mechanical degrees of freedom, our talented bots learn to seamlessly integrate virtual and physical spaces, giving rise to multidimensional narratives that transcend traditional artistic boundaries. From creating living cellular automatons that perpetually reshape physical forms to enacting machinic rituals that contemplate the notion of spirituality within artificial lives, the program urges us to consider what it means to be a robot today and imagine new, ethical relationships with humans. Unraveling a delicate dance between algorithmic precision and artistic expression, our robot pupils challenge our understanding of lived experiences and shape a world enriched by the interplay of art, technology, and a multi-species spirit.

Algorithms of Performance

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